Towards a better tomorrow with recycled hardmetal


Why recycling is worthwhile?

Recycling plays a large role in solving questions related to sustainable development. By recycling, it is possible to save limited natural resources and energy and to reduce the environmental impact of products. At Tikomet, we want to operate sustainably and promote the use of recycled tungsten-based materials. The carbon footprint of our recycled hardmetal powder is 10–30 smaller than that of other tungsten-based manufacturing methods.

Our products

We utilise used hardmetal tools as our raw material and manufacture recycled hardmetal powder from them by zinc process. Our products are used as raw material in the manufacturing of new hardmetal tools.

Our services

We also offer a recycling service to our customers, where the customer provides the sorted raw material and we process it to a powder. Our recycling service can be used when the scrap is pure and of an even quality.

Quality assurance

We are known for the high quality of our products. Tikomet has a modern and well-equipped quality assurance and research laboratory. To deliver on our quality promise, we inspect every batch delivered to our customers.

Recycled hardmetal powder

We process the hardmetal raw material to standard products by way of a zinc oven process. On the basis of an internationally approved tungsten carbide grain size classification, our products are separated into fine, medium and coarse grades. We mainly use raw materials that we ourselves have procured, but we also process batches of raw material delivered to us by our customers as a so-called conversion service.

Uses for zinc reclaimed hardmetal powder include the manufacture of hardmetal rods (the rods are used for manufacturing drills and grinders), hot rolling, rock drills, powders for thermal spraying, hardmetal consumables and woodworking tools.


We are building a better tomorrow

The goal of our research and development work is to create new products and services to meet our customer’s needs and promote the sustainable use of raw materials at the same time. In recent years, we have also made investments in developing our own production and energy efficiency. We ourselves have designed and manufactured the zinc process ovens that we use in our production.


For a sustainable future

It is important to us to manufacture our products sustainably while taking into account quality and the environmental values and ensuring the well-being of our employees. We want to be a reliable partner for our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We are committed to upholding the group goal of being a leader in sustainable development in the hardmetal industry.


Expert in recycling hardmetal

We are an internationally well-known and respected operator. We are part of the Austrian Plansee Group, whose competence spans over a century.

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